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DesignOnTampere (DOT) association promotes design and city culture in Tampere region. An anarchistic approach to traditions and hierarchy changes design from seriousness to playful everyday life. Open­minded co­operation opens new interpretations of design. DOT organizes three Designtori ­design markets, Tampere Design week, Tampere design district map and DOT ­magazine on a yearly basis.


DOT makes Tampere a sympathic design city

DesignOnTampere is a registered association established by a group of designers. The purpose of the association is to develop design and city culture in Tampere. Energetic synergy makes fast actions and lively events possible. DesignOnTampere organizes Tampere Design Week, three design markets and publishes the design district map of Tampere annually.

Anarchistic attitude towards the traditions and hierarchies of design changes design from serious to fun and fresh. Openminded co­operation with different partners opens up new interpretations of design. DOT Events link together designers, industry and consumers genuinely through action. With the right attitude Finnish design becomes significant all over the world.

Definition of Design by DOT

When you have a good feeling about something you know it’s good design. Design is a personal experience. It belongs to everybody. Designers have to think about the user when the product is developed. This is obvious to the founders of DesignOnTampere, because they meet customers every day in their own stores in Tampere. Good quality design has to last both visually and physically. Long­lasting design is the foundation for sustainability.

DOT Events

The events were born from the initiative of Super Mukava, a store of Finnish clothing designers, in 2008. They have been a huge success and there have been over 18 300 visitors in the events yearly.

DesignOnTampere as a registered association was founded in 2010. The DOT events have been sponsored by Luova Tampere, the cultural fund of Pirkanmaa and Arts Promotion Centre.

Anna Mattelmäki 050 5242576

Vice President, producer
Merja Häikiö 044 5590307

Executive manager
Emilia Kiialainen 050 3626731


Members of DesignOnTampere association
Leena Aalto
Virva Antila
Laura Happo
Emmi Huhtanen
Matti Hänninen
Merja Häikiö
Emilia Kiialainen
Anna Kurkela
Matti Kurkela
Anna Mattelmäki
Saara Naskali
Jaakko Rantanen
Karita Rantanen
Anna Reilin
Liisa Urrila