Pop Up Shop


DesignOnTampere Pop Up Shop at Sokos department store in Tampere showcases clothes and accessories of designers from Tampere region. The Pop Up Shop can be found in the 3rd floor of Sokos, at women’s clothes department.

Labels include:

Uhana Design

Founded in 2012, Uhana Design is a clothing company based in Tampere, Finland. Designers Mira Vanttaja and Hanna Virkamäki went to designer school together and soon realized, that by combining their strengths they could create something new and suprising. When Hanna and Mira work together, unique solutions are created. This is materialized in the collections, that make everyday more fun.

Unique, relaxed clothes and accessories are made with seamless co-operation between Hanna and Mira. As Head of Design, the quality of the products, perfect fit and cut are of the utmost importance to Hanna. Mira on her part is responsible of the Visuals and creates Uhana Design’s timeless prints – inspired by nature and urban culture.



”Pure Not Boring”

Purity means ethical manufacture, sustainability and scandinavity. Assuring high quality doesn’t mean comromising the design. MUKA VA is known for their interesting cuts and textures in their collection.

MUKA VA collection is designed and manufactured in Finland. Designer Anna Mattelmäki is inspired by forms, structures and transforming two-dimensional patterns into three-dimensional products. MUKA VA works together with local producers Orneule, Tamsilk, Printscorpio, Ompelimo Pirkko Niemi and Kutomo Holopainen. Product development is done amongst Friends.


NOUKI was founded by two designers Anna Reilin and Saara Naskali in 2015. NOUKI collections are casual, comfortable and very down-to-earth. Simple lines combined with dashing prints, makes NOUKI urban and bohemian at the same time.

Materials used in NOUKI’s production are pure, sustainable and natural origin. Edgy prints and textures are unique and designed especially for NOUKI.

All NOUKI products are made in Finland.


Pihka collection
PIHKA Collection is a Tampere-based footwear and bag brand, whose distinctive products and services are the result of three young female entrepreneurs working together and complementing each other with their own unique handcraft and design skills. The products are wholly designed and produced in Finland; the business is located in the charming old Kehräsaari factory complex in the center of Tampere.

Handcrafting is used as much as possible in creating Pihka Collection products, and the all-Finnish subcontractors have been selected very carefully in order to use only the finest materials. Pihka also organizes popular shoemaking and bag making courses, in which the participants can create their own personalized products using Pihka designs.

PIHKA Collection is: Roosa Mattson, Maisa Salonen, and Sofia Salmi.


Kraa Kraa Eyewear

Puusepät Matti Hänninen ja Torsti Mäkinen vastaavat Kraa Kraan silmä- ja aurinkolasinkehysten suunnittelusta ja valmistuksesta. Kehykset ovat sekoitus ennakkoluulotonta suunnittelua, modernia käsityöläisyyttä ja tinkimätöntä laatua.


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