DesignOnTampere association

DesignOnTampere is an association of local designers, founded in 2010.  DesignOnTampere (DOT) promotes design and city culture at Tampere and Pirkanmaa region. 

DOT organizes events and produces publications to promote design and create city culture. The most popular event, Designtori design market, is held three times a year at Tullikamari. An energetic synergy between the members enables lively events and flexibility for collaboration. DesignOnTampere-map and DOT-magazine are published once a year and provide current content for enjoying what Tampere has to offer. DOT also runs a shop-in-shop at Sokos department store that showcases local designer labels.  DOT enhances the possibilities for ethical Finnish brands to gain ground in Tampere area and offers consumers more sustainable options and experiences. 
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