Designtori design markets bring over 70 curated Finnish design brands to Tampere Tullikamari three times a year.


DesignOnTampere organizes three Designtori design markets every year.
Event dates in 2020:

Designtori spring 3th May 
Designtori autumn online 2th.- 4th October
Designtori christmas online 11th-13th December  – 13. – 27.10.2020  BRANDS APPLY HERE

Designtori design markets bring over 70 Finnish designers and design companies to Tampere Tullikamari three times a year. This popular event celebrated its´ 10th anniversary in 2018. Designtori has 15 000 visitors annually. The companies are curated to showcase professional, ethical and unique brands each time.

Designtori brands are curated for each event. The jury consists of members from DesignOnTampere association. The jury is chosen annually. The jury weighs the following criteria:

1. Design

High quality design. The products endure time both aesthetically and functionally.

2. Originality

The brand and products are unique and recognizable from similar products in the market.

3. Ethicality

The values and sustainability of the company are evaluated. Designtori promotes Finnish brands that have high standards on design and high ethics on production.

4. Professionalism

The applicants must work full-time in the area of business. This is evaluated through background, collection and prizing. Students or newcomers are considered separately.

5. Locality

DesignOnTampere promotes local designers and design companies. Locality is seen as a plus when applying for Designtori but does not exclude applicants outside the area.

6. Customer satisfaction and overall view

The versatility of the products in each event and expectations of the public are considered as a whole.
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